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For those who don’t think they’re “photogenic” enough for professional photography or are on the slightly shy side. Hi. You are amazing and important — and the reason you need a photograph or two is even more so. There’s a reason for you to smile for the camera (even if you don’t really want to) and that moment in need of professional photography may be approaching faster than you think.¬†Whether it’s a beautifully large and traditional wedding, a just-the-two-of-you wedding elopement, family portraits with grandma & grandpa, family photos for the ol’ Christmas card, or professional pictures for that upcoming business project or book coming out… you and the people in your world need to look your best in a way that honors the real you.

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado, photographer Ashlee Bratton aims to shoot real pictures for real people. Bring on the wrinkles, smiles, insecurities and moods! With over eight years and 100+ weddings under her belt, Ashlee’s ready to play behind the camera and draw out the type of portraits, poses, and grins that make you, well…you! Be it senior portraits for the new grad, that first kiss when you say “I do,” creating the perfect moment to announce there’s a wee one on the way, or documenting the spirit of a corporate event–this particular photographer is looking for the real you.

The real you. The goal of Ashography is to get the best version of the real you. One that is lovely, that you’ll recognize, that people will enjoy, and that you will be able to use for your special project and share with the world. Not some over-photoshopped, unrecognizable you.

For starters, sign up to receive FREE tips on what to look for and how to prepare for a shoot for the best version of the real you. C’mon, you know you’re curious and the real you wants to. Take it off of your “someday” list of things to do and call or e-mail to schedule your consultation or book your portrait session today!

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It’s A Black & White World

The more we grow up the more we learn that things aren’t always black and white…except of course, in photography. In the real world there are grey areas that are messy, complicated, undefined and unexplainable. Yet in the world of photography there is just something so moving and spectacularly fascinating about the clarity and simplicity of black and white photos.

A while back I was issued a B&W photography challenge via social media that sparked the idea for the Black & Wednesday blog. This gave me an excuse to dig up some of my favorites and ponder exactly what it is I love about this type of photography…and thus Black & Wednesdays was born.

So as a continuation of that challenge and my love of all things black & white, welcome to Black & Wednesdays. Once a week a photo will be let loose on the blog world, perhaps with a little snippet of the back story. Photos certainly tell a story. Sometimes it’s fun to hear the stories behind the story. Let the bloggity blog blog begin!

While hosting a party on the deck to celebrate the end of summer, I absentmindedly forgot to keep an eye on my furry friend and I let him get lost in the shuffle of the festivities and wander off. He tends to not wander far, so I wasn’t very worried. Upon doing a pet check-in, I looked over and saw Scottie Doodles and my one-year-old niece enjoying the view. By the time I got the camera my niece was long gone, like one-year-olds tend to do, but the doodles was still having his moment.

Dog overlooking the river

Having A Moment

In honor of Veterans Day, this week’s black & white photo story is an ode and a salute to the people in it. Randomly taken at a Veterans center during one of their events, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the staff interacting with all of the armed forces residents during one of their “Tavern Nights” and all the smiles that went with it. The stories told and the hearts behind the uniforms and medals were something I will never forget. Thank you and cheers to our Veterans, their families, and the sacrifices made for the freedoms we share. We salute you.

Tavern Night

Cheers to our Veterans


The Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride

It’s always fun to shoot weddings and be a part of someone’s special day. It’s an honor and a privilege, and as a wedding photographer I hope to never forget that, no matter how many weddings I’m a part of. Especially at elopements. So often the prevailing attitude among some photographers is that somehow elopements are not as important because there’s not as many in attendance or they aren’t spending as much. I believe just the opposite. Someone who has made the decision to only have a select few or even no one else at all in attendance highly values this moment and is very careful regarding who is a part of their day and their memories. I do not take this lightly. I love weddings — I love everything about them. I love the vows, the nerves, the bling, the rings, the simplicity of capturing smiles and the uniting of two hearts before our Maker.

In this particular photo, the day did not go as planned. This poor bride and groom showed up to the hair appointment only to have the salon closed for the day, the restaurant lose their dinner reservation, and to top things off it hailed during their ceremony forcing them to cancel their outdoor ceremony plans. And yet, I watched as this couple took every disappointment in stride and focus on the one thing that was important–getting hitched. This photo captures this wonderfully calm and collected bride taking a moment to breathe, smile, and prepare the last bits of beauty before saying her “I do’s.”


Every now and then you run into a person that genuinely lights up the world. In particular, their world–the one that they personally influence. We just get to step into their world for a moment, and we love them for it. The smiler in this particular photograph was actually not my client. The real client was a small business owner that hired me to shoot bio shots for her website and proposal materials who happened to be¬† sitting right next to the kind heart in this photograph. My actual client was wonderful and her shoot went well, but the warmth and energy flowing out of this other woman made me want to take her picture. So I did. I later on convinced her to do a mini-shoot that lasted about 5 minutes, gifting her the photos. She hated getting her picture taken, and yet she let me do it. I don’t know if she ever did anything with them or if she even liked them…but I sure liked her and hope she keeps bringing her smile to the rest of the world.


The Sweetest Smile

The Sweetest Smile


One of my favorite things about this senior portrait shoot of this Colorado grad (other than her fabulous leather jacket and scarf), was how this shoot started. This senior’s mom greeted me at the country club by giving me a big hug as we caught up on what’s been happening since the last family portrait session we did. Giggling like a high school girl herself, she smiled from ear to hear. Her happy tone ramped up a couple notches as she slyly said, “We’re going to have to book you again in April.” A little confused, I took a moment to get what she really meant. To make it crystal clear she patted her tummy. Laughing in joy she said, “I guess as one leaves the nest we get to add in another!”

Both generations smiled genuine smiles of true happiness…which made for one really, really fun and memorable senior portrait shoot.

Colorado Senior

A Cutie Colorado Senior