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For those who don’t think they’re “photogenic” enough for professional photography or are on the slightly shy side. Hi. You are amazing and important — and the reason you need a photograph or two is even more so. There’s a reason for you to smile for the camera (even if you don’t really want to) and that moment in need of professional photography may be approaching faster than you think. Whether it’s a beautifully large and traditional wedding, a just-the-two-of-you wedding elopement, family portraits with grandma & grandpa, family photos for the ol’ Christmas card, or professional pictures for that upcoming business project or book coming out… you and the people in your world need to look your best in a way that honors the real you.

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado, photographer Ashlee Bratton aims to shoot real pictures for real people. Bring on the wrinkles, smiles, insecurities and moods! With over eight years and 100+ weddings under her belt, Ashlee’s ready to play behind the camera and draw out the type of portraits, poses, and grins that make you, well…you! Be it senior portraits for the new grad, that first kiss when you say “I do,” creating the perfect moment to announce there’s a wee one on the way, or documenting the spirit of a corporate event–this particular photographer is looking for the real you.

The real you. The goal of Ashography is to get the best version of the real you. One that is lovely, that you’ll recognize, that people will enjoy, and that you will be able to use for your special project and share with the world. Not some over-photoshopped, unrecognizable you.

For starters, sign up to receive FREE tips on what to look for and how to prepare for a shoot for the best version of the real you. C’mon, you know you’re curious and the real you wants to. Take it off of your “someday” list of things to do and call or e-mail to schedule your consultation or book your portrait session today!

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It’s A Black & White World

The more we grow up the more we learn that things aren’t always black and white…except of course, in photography. In the real world there are grey areas that are messy, complicated, undefined and unexplainable. Yet in the world of photography there is just something so moving and spectacularly fascinating about the clarity and simplicity of black and white photos.

A while back I was issued a B&W photography challenge via social media that sparked the idea for the Black & Wednesday blog. This gave me an excuse to dig up some of my favorites and ponder exactly what it is I love about this type of photography…and thus Black & Wednesdays was born.

So as a continuation of that challenge and my love of all things black & white, welcome to Black & Wednesdays. Once a week a photo will be let loose on the blog world, perhaps with a little snippet of the back story. Photos certainly tell a story. Sometimes it’s fun to hear the stories behind the story. Let the bloggity blog blog begin!

South Fork Mountain Home - Henderson-0156-2

While on a real estate shoot, I happened to wander in to this enormous walk-in closet and couldn’t help but snap a few of this timeless setup. I can almost hear the big band music in the background as if it’s a movie soundtrack. This has nothing to do with selling the house, but I think it’s beautiful.

This is not the dad.

The very best family portrait shoots are the ones that allow playtime and interaction between family members of any degree…not me bossing around poses and head tilts. On a family portrait shoot in Breckenridge, I watched as the various family members interacted with each other and was actually involved with a different set of kids when I turned around to see this. This little boy and his uncle found a way to pass the time and enjoy the sunshine until it was their turn to be in the spotlight. Clearly this is something that both parties involved are very comfortable with and I am glad I had a chance to catch their little moment. I love being an aunti and value the time I get with my niece and nephew. The man in the photo is a Muay Thai fighter and to see him using his strength in such a playful and gentle way with his nephew flying in complete trust melts my heart every time. If only everyone used their strength to bring about these kind of giggles…



Meet Lydia. She’s my borrowed smile.

This cutie of a senior was quite the beauty in her prom dress and was all smiles and sparkles at her shoot. This was one of my hardest shoots to date — not because of anything related to this wonderful girl, she was a gem. Sometimes when your world comes crashing down around you the rest of the world continues to move on.

A little backstory: Three days prior I had received the news of the death of my boyfriend that dropped me to my knees and took the wind out of me. In a state of shock, I slept for three days straight shutting out the world and had completely forgotten that this shoot was even on my calendar. At that moment nothing mattered. With a thankful heart, my best friend that had come to stay with me and had literally spent the last 3 days sitting on my couch while I slept in the next room got the nerve to wake me up, hand me my camera, and tell me I needed to do this. It was time.

I am so grateful she did. Quite frankly I don’t remember the shoot at all. Except for the part where I didn’t lock my $600 external flash and dropped it…I distinctly remember that part. Not my best moment, not my best shoot, and definitely not my A-game. I never said a word about what I was going through, but I was definitely a hot mess and I owe this poor girl and her darling family an apology! Now when I see this photo, I look back and remember that this was someone else’s smile…and it was a reason to get back up. Sometimes in our deepest, darkest moments we need to see and remember that someday there will be a moment to smile again…even if it’s someone else’s.

Senior Prom

Senior Prom.

I love this photo because I love this bride. Meeting up in old town Arvada before their nuptials, this non-traditional couple pranced and danced by the train tracks with the bride-to-be donning a deep purple wedding dress. The photo session was cut short due to a summer rain storm, but no amount of wonky weather was going to stop this couple. With part of the ceremony honoring her Hmong heritage, the couple came to the reception in full uniform with colorful bells and wraps. Rumor has it that she just gave birth last month and that they have a new addition and reason to smile.

Train Track Wedding

Train Track Wedding

Meet Merida. Ok, this isn’t really the Disney princess, but she might as well be. Meeting up at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., this fun and feisty red head showed up to her shoot and played in the gardens like it was her very own castle. Another shoot was being set up for Vogue bridal magazine using the very gate and archway I wanted to play in. I guess great minds think alike. I absolutely loved shooting miss Merida and wish this little actress all my best in her adventures.

Sly Smile

Sly Smile