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For those who don’t think they’re “photogenic” enough for professional photography or are on the slightly shy side. Hi. You are amazing and important — and the reason you need a photograph or two is even more so. There’s a reason for you to smile for the camera (even if you don’t really want to) and that moment in need of professional photography may be approaching faster than you think. Whether it’s a beautifully large and traditional wedding, a just-the-two-of-you wedding elopement, family portraits with grandma & grandpa, family photos for the ol’ Christmas card, or professional pictures for that upcoming business project or book coming out… you and the people in your world need to look your best in a way that honors the real you.

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado, photographer Ashlee Bratton aims to shoot real pictures for real people. Bring on the wrinkles, smiles, insecurities and moods! With over eight years and 100+ weddings under her belt, Ashlee’s ready to play behind the camera and draw out the type of portraits, poses, and grins that make you, well…you! Be it senior portraits for the new grad, that first kiss when you say “I do,” creating the perfect moment to announce there’s a wee one on the way, or documenting the spirit of a corporate event–this particular photographer is looking for the real you.

The real you. The goal of Ashography is to get the best version of the real you. One that is lovely, that you’ll recognize, that people will enjoy, and that you will be able to use for your special project and share with the world. Not some over-photoshopped, unrecognizable you.

For starters, sign up to receive FREE tips on what to look for and how to prepare for a shoot for the best version of the real you. C’mon, you know you’re curious and the real you wants to. Take it off of your “someday” list of things to do and call or e-mail to schedule your consultation or book your portrait session today!

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Black & Wednesday Blog

It’s A Black & White World

The more we grow up the more we learn that things aren’t always black and white…except of course, in photography. In the real world there are grey areas that are messy, complicated, undefined and unexplainable. Yet in the world of photography there is just something so moving and spectacularly fascinating about the clarity and simplicity of black and white photos.

A while back I was issued a B&W photography challenge via social media that sparked the idea for the Black & Wednesday blog. This gave me an excuse to dig up some of my favorites and ponder exactly what it is I love about this type of photography…and thus Black & Wednesdays was born.

So as a continuation of that challenge and my love of all things black & white, welcome to Black & Wednesdays. Once a week a photo will be let loose on the blog world, perhaps with a little snippet of the back story. Photos certainly tell a story. Sometimes it’s fun to hear the stories behind the story. Let the bloggity blog blog begin!

Couple Dip Kissing

Let’s take a moment to honor the age-old tradition and beauty of the dip kiss.

There’s just something fun, playful, romantic and passionate about a man dipping his woman for a smooch. If there’s a way to sneak in a dip kiss into a photo shoot, I will try my darndest to do so. This particular couple makes me smile because this moment came during a rather intense time of the family photo shoot. Meeting for a quick mini-shoot after work, their two girls were having a moment of sibling rivalry, so I excused these parents to come with me for a few moments to play in the fall colors and take a moment just the two of them. The funny thing about photographing a dip kiss is that no matter who the couple is or what the surrounding circumstances are, the dip kiss almost always starts with a mini argument. There’s always a playful struggle on how to do it, who’s in charge, how long, who’s watching, and of course the fear of being dropped. Somehow they always work it out and to this day I’ve never seen a girl dropped.  Not once. Way to go fellas. Cheers to the dip kiss!

This bride was a cowgirl who married her cowboy in front of all her cowboy friends and family. The twin boys had cowboy hats, the rings had horseshoes on them, and their cake topper was two horses. Her smiles were real and I’m pretty sure they rode off into the sunset.

South Fork Wedding

South Fork Wedding

Boys of Summer Wedding Party

Boys of Summer

One of the things that surprised me about shooting weddings was that I quickly found that to my surprise, the dudes don’t really play. I so desperately want to have fun at the weddings and events that I shoot and I found that groomsmen tended to be more reserved and camera shy than the ladies. Not what I expected at all. After talking with other wedding photographers I found out that it wasn’t just me. Then I met these guys. They looked good and they knew it. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the sunglasses, or maybe because this was a wedding that was 10 miles back on a dirt road and everyone was camping that night. Either way, this was one of the first weddings I shot where I felt like I got good snapshots of the dudes. These were my boys of summer.

While shooting an author’s conference, I offered special packages for bio portraits for those that didn’t want to go through a full shoot. Funny, authors can tend to be rather reserved and shy and the thought of being the center of attention for an entire hour makes some have a full panic attack. The thought of a photo shoot can give them hives. That is exactly why I aim to make their photo experience as painless as possible, and maybe even a little fun. There’s nothing better than watching someone come out of their shell during their shoot and giving them photos they can be proud of. This particular author was my 12th shoot of the day and shyly came up to take advantage of the author bio package. She never said her name, would not engage in conversation, and was the strong silent type. Not getting much feedback or knowing how she felt about the shoot, I later got a wonderful thank you message from her and I absolutely love how her photos turned out. Authors are my favorite.

Author Bio Photo


I Do Shoes

I Do Shoes

I love shooting Pinterest brides. This particular bride had a simple idea and brought her stickers. It took a few seconds to make sure they were in the right location and direction, but ultimately turned out pretty fun. A bride with cute shoes is a girl after my own heart.