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For those who don’t think they’re “photogenic” enough for professional photography or are on the slightly shy side. Hi. You are amazing and important — and the reason you need a photograph or two is even more so. There’s a reason for you to smile for the camera (even if you don’t really want to) and that moment in need of professional photography may be approaching faster than you think.¬†Whether it’s a beautifully large and traditional wedding, a just-the-two-of-you wedding elopement, family portraits with grandma & grandpa, family photos for the ol’ Christmas card, or professional pictures for that upcoming business project or book coming out… you and the people in your world need to look your best in a way that honors the real you.

Based in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado, photographer Ashlee Bratton aims to shoot real pictures for real people. Bring on the wrinkles, smiles, insecurities and moods! With over eight years and 100+ weddings under her belt, Ashlee’s ready to play behind the camera and draw out the type of portraits, poses, and grins that make you, well…you! Be it senior portraits for the new grad, that first kiss when you say “I do,” creating the perfect moment to announce there’s a wee one on the way, or documenting the spirit of a corporate event–this particular photographer is looking for the real you.

The real you. The goal of Ashography is to get the best version of the real you. One that is lovely, that you’ll recognize, that people will enjoy, and that you will be able to use for your special project and share with the world. Not some over-photoshopped, unrecognizable you.

For starters, sign up to receive FREE tips on what to look for and how to prepare for a shoot for the best version of the real you. C’mon, you know you’re curious and the real you wants to. Take it off of your “someday” list of things to do and call or e-mail to schedule your consultation or book your portrait session today!

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It’s A Black & White World

The more we grow up the more we learn that things aren’t always black and white…except of course, in photography. In the real world there are grey areas that are messy, complicated, undefined and unexplainable. Yet in the world of photography there is just something so moving and spectacularly fascinating about the clarity and simplicity of black and white photos.

A while back I was issued a B&W photography challenge via social media that sparked the idea for the Black & Wednesday blog. This gave me an excuse to dig up some of my favorites and ponder exactly what it is I love about this type of photography…and thus Black & Wednesdays was born.

So as a continuation of that challenge and my love of all things black & white, welcome to Black & Wednesdays. Once a week a photo will be let loose on the blog world, perhaps with a little snippet of the back story. Photos certainly tell a story. Sometimes it’s fun to hear the stories behind the story. Let the bloggity blog blog begin!

Smooching couple


February is the month of love. Quite honestly, it’d be nice if love were celebrated and honored year-round, but that’s not really how it works. Love doesn’t work that way in relationships either, but every now and then there’s a spark that’s worth highlighting in the day-to-day routines of a relationship. This particular couple was not an engagement shoot, nor a wedding or anniversary. This was actually a regular ol’ family portrait session with kids and all craziness that entails. Knowing how rare it is to sometimes find time to squeeze in a little romance, so I excused the three kids to go play and borrowed mom and dad for a few minutes of privacy. I love this kissie shot.

Peek-A-Boo Girl


This little girl was the middle child on a family photo shoot.  The shoot was at an amphitheater and this particular shot was snapped while she was playing all by herself in the theater seats.

Meet Janet.

Meet Janet.

Meet Janet. She is one of 16 graduates from a special needs school in California where I was contracted to do their graduation photos. I had no idea what I was walking into when I agreed to do the school’s photos. Figuring out how to get pictures of those with wheelchairs, moods, muscle control challenges, and intense reactions to their surroundings was something I had to learn on the spot. As an experiment, I took black and white half-face shots of every student. Little did I know that the school took those shots, blew them up and had them hanging on the gym wall representing each student at graduation. They were given as a gift to the parents after the graduation. Janet has one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen.

Faith to Come

Faith To Come

This one brings back memories. With a heart and a dream to pursue photography, this was my very first shoot on my own in my attempt to be a “real photographer” and the very last picture taken on the shoot. Taken in my little apartment on a couch pushed up against the wall, my very first client brought this wooden sign and asked to do something with it. (Yep, she brought her own props because I had none.) I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and did my best to hide my nerves to make this first-time momma comfortable. We both had to have faith on this one! I am so grateful that someone decided to take a chance on me.

Little White Church

Little White Church

Everyone needs a little white church in their life. This one’s mine. A building with history and charm in a little town that means a lot to me, I enjoy driving past this no matter what time of year. This picture was taken on a bright fall day with a bluebird sky, and although I love the photo in color, there’s just something about little white churches in back & white. Classic.